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Continuing with my comments on August 23rd 2008 on… GR works with Husys – HR Function Management Company based at Hyderabad.

Its almost an year and we are here at a stage exactly what is predicted on that day… Some of the observations and hints that I would like to share at this point to get you to your first job comfortably.

World of SME’s
What we have seen changing in the SME’s World :
- There are hiccups interms of the money flow but it never deterred the SME’s to take this challenge and stand against the odd. The strength today is going to give 10% of the SME’s would emerge as large organizations of future.
- The Ability of the SME owners to keep investing into the new areas of business to bring the productivity.
- Lucky enough that the overhead & infrastructure costs are lower for all of the SME’s. It may have been due to the cautious behavior of hard earned rupee and also awareness of the ground realities.
- Small & Medium – Retail, Hospitality, Health Care, NGO’s, Various Services businesses
- There are many ventures making inroads into the Educational space. There is space for everyone. The more small and focused institutes with value add to the students would make their mark in this space.

What a Student/First Job Seeker to Do now:

- Forget what one expects you to do…. You are unique to yourself…. Define your own path….
- For a moment and few weeks let your parents don’t advise/tell/force you… Take that free time for yourself from what you know from others(friends etc.,)
- Review your critical capabilities interms of
o Your Interests
o Your Focus for Future
o Your Ability to Reach the desired level
o Your ability to assess and seek relevant support
o Your ability to define a path ( which may not be always the way everyone things)
o Your ability to innovate/experiment should be out
o Your ability to forget what you did… but what you acquired beyond grades/certificates
- If you have done the above…. Now you are ready to do different things than the other 99.99999999% of people do…

In this episode I would focus on one of the way to reach the SME’s :

After reading the following steps if you ask yourself “ Is this possible with me” don’t attempt to use this method and remain what you are…. If your mind says “ Challenging but let me make an effort”….that’s enough for you to move towards your goal.
- Identify and study the business of about 10 SME’s in different Segments (This is not easy task, but if you do it you are 50% through your search)
- Seek an appointment after your initial background study
- Understand the challenges of those SME’s currently and what’s there in future
- Create a channel to offer services to the SME in consideration by you or your group (A Team )
- Create a service product of offerings so that the SME would listen to you based on your ground work and different ways of looking at things… they know that you don’t want to be a burden to them than building support for their business.
o Eg. A team of young graduates with excellent communication skills could work on a Customer Data Gathering and arranging appointments for an organisation’s Sales Managers. This would help in building business for the organisation. Get paid based on the income generated out of your efforts.

Wish you all the best... please do write your comments for improvement and more information....