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HR SME : HR Function Management : India Outplacement – Simplified by Husys

HR SME : HR Function Management : India Outplacement – Simplified by Husys: This part – 2 is a Continuation of my Blog post earlier. In this part we are sharing next 15 questions and answers about Outplacement ...

HR SME : HR Function Management : India Outplacement – Simplified by Husys

HR SME : HR Function Management : India Outplacement – Simplified by Husys: This part – 2 is a Continuation of my Blog post earlier. In this part we are sharing next 15 questions and answers about Outplacement ...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

As HR Vs HR Enterprenuer

Dear Team

I started my First Professional journey at work in 1991 and the second phase of  life as an "HR Entrepreneur" since 2002. Overall Half of my life is spent for HR profession in India. I have been lucky to have got the best of People practices in best of the companies where I worked to gain a range of experience. Also an experience used now for my business as entrepreneur.

Today I decided to write my experiences of two worlds in this blog posting. I am sure the people who were on both sides of such experience agree/disagree on many points mentioned here. But definitely it can work for people who are on the job and willing to explore/experiment the entrepreneur route.

Here I go:

As HR Entrepreneur
Career Choice
·        Career is more related to earning money for the qualification acquired.
·        Growth in designation/ladder is more focused.
·        More influenced by social advice & personal circumstances.
·       Entrepreneurial outlook in a few cases. Tends towards entrepreneurial decision during mid career life.
·        Driven by passion and allows no social or personal influences can have a negative impact.
·        Seen as opportunity for utilization of skill and knowledge and creation of wealth as opposed to earning money.
·       May go against the family choice in many cases. Family outlook is towards a risk free life.
·        Constant opportunity exists for a sustainable career & personal growth (irrespective of business sector).
·        Spans length and breadth of area of specialization to build customer portfolio.
·        Studied for an understanding perspective. Information may be picked up from the line function in most cases.
·        Understood with intent focus on every competitor activity (as it may impact the enterprise).
Vision & Mission
·        Supports people to follow Vision & Mission.
·        Builds Vision & Mission
·        Inspires to follow
·        Competency Based.
·        Organizational Norms based.
·        More by gut feeling and foresight.
·        High risk takers.
Setting Targets
·        Dependent on tasks assigned.
·        Purely business outcome based
·        Expenses Focused
·        Initiatives are more KRA based with a ‘have to do’ kind of attitude to complete the performance parameter preparation.
·        Prepared hugely around internal / external economic situation.  
·        Purely business outcome based.

·        Building support for & among teams to identify and execute initiatives.
·        Looks to build long-term relations to improve business sustainability.
·        A function to deal with.
·        A function one can’t live without.
·        A function of business.
·        Business means marketing.
PR & Networking
·        Personal Choice focused.
·        Not linked to growth.
·        Business Lifeline
·        No PR/Networking = no growth.
·        Will continue as long as she has a pathway for future jobs/assignments.
·        Every activity focus: “What you sow is what you reap.”
·        Organisation’s growth never ends.
Office Relationships
·        Perceived Office Politics. 
·        Based on one’s perceived decision making ability.
Associates with
·        Self & Related Teams.
·        Nobody and/or Universal
*These are purely my views and sharing in good spirit. You are free to agree and disagree based on your experiences. Thank you.

Encourage you to write your experiences in this blog post.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opportunity for College Management / Placement Officers to help students in getting job they desire

Personal note to College Managements:

At the outset let me congratulate you all for helping the students gain confidence to be with Corporate. We would like to contribute in your efforts by way of creation of opportunities for these students.  As you are aware that we work with companies where we are the only HR connect for them.  As part of our relationship we help these companies who do not do campus or do not post on regular job sites to find alternative.  We have worked with more than 200 companies and the number is increasing day-by-day. 

To consolidate the efforts we are bringing all our employers (clients) on one platform for Hiring in future. We have created a special career site to help these students to get direct connect with these companies. This effort is free of cost at the end of student. 

I would request you to share the following link to students who are in the 1st and 2nd year to make sure that they are updated with what is happening with these employers. Let them register for free.  They would be able to access various internship options, job options in the future. 

Link ;   (spelled as in Hindi   Job hi re job )

Please feel free to circulate this to your known contacts as well.  Please feel free to contact  our Office for any help.

Thank you and have a great academic year ahead.

Warm Regards,
G R Reddy  |  Founder & Chief Facilitator | 
Husys Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Santacruz (E), Mumbai-400 098, Maharastra   |   India,;

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Managing "First Job"

This blog post would focus on how to manage the first job.  Here we would dicsuss about the preparation, execution in managing the first job.

"First day and First job" is always a memorable one and a great Change that one ever could go through till then. I am focusing on two facets of the First Job : Managing the Environment for yourself and Be Managed by the Environment in the new job.

Manage Environment: First Job ! Its always a great inflection point of change in anyone's life. It would help if one understand the differences between the previous life environment(Student) to the future environment(Professional)..

Understanding: One of the most important aspect of new job management is to know the difference between your earlier environment and what environment you would be getting into.  This can be achieved through : Taking help from your seniors, Your mentors in life, "Your Social Mentors - on Facebook etc., : I mean you post a question there are many to comment & offer support", Previous employees in the same organisation etc.,

Preparing: Based on the feedback and inputs from various sources, please do analyse the way the inputs are given and make sure you build clarity on what is that environment.  You don't need to assume the same way the others have commented/advised.  Because, remember "YOU ARE UNIQUE" anyway.. and your sample of comments doesn't represent the size of population.  

Living : List out the challenges that you may go through in the first job. That would help you to prepare mentally. The success and failure of your first job is in your "MIND". Build some of the do's and don'ts that you can follow. Improve that list constantly and review what is relevant and what is not relevant. 

Examples of Preparation(Indicative only... Of-course, these are 0.0001% of what you can do): 

  • Visit the Work location before joining
  • Meet some of the people in the work location - Reception, Security, Administrative team, Of-course HR, team manager etc.,
  • Try and attend any seminars / networking events where the company representatives may visit.  You may find the connectivity with the Top Management itself. 
  • Talking to people who worked earlier in that company and what their experience has been. 
  • Visiting the Blogs and social/professional networking locations where the presence of company
  • and the list goes on....

Find where you are: be managed 

Be Managed by Environment : Now the next best part you need to do is Managed by the Environment. Its like "Be a Roman when you are in Rome". It applies to your first Job as well. I can tell you that you feel-like RUN AWAY the first few days (As though after marriage you go to the SASURAL -In-laws the first day - remember this is nothing less than that...Ask a married women she can give you the feel what it means.... But this is manageable.. Be Brave!!!! )

Understanding : Your understanding of the environment when you are outside is one level.  Now that you are in - Its time to do some "KHOJ (Search)" again. Your half success (50%) would be based on your first level of appreciation of "Managing Environment". Now Here you need to  understand in depth about : 

  • Organisational Vision, Mission & near term objective they want to achieve (You need to know how you can play a role there)
  • The culture and the way it is interpreted would be of great help...
  • Teams and Team Dynamics : The Boss & subordinate Relationships. 
  • Support Teams and their role including : HR, Administration, Finance & Accounts etc.,
  • Check what's there on the Internal Communication system(Intranet, HRIS-web2.0,Notice boards etc.,). 
  • and so on....
Preparing: Now... the best is to prepare to live the way the environment is.. In other words "Be Managed by the Environment"... You have a feeling in the beginning that I can't change... If you have any intentions that way... prepare to leave now..."Don't waste your time and Organisation Time". But adapting to the environment which is not known to you would take time... Prepare yourself to brace the big change in your life.... Focus on one by one and understand the following: 
  • What are the organisational norms and how they are interpreted and understood by people around and essentially how they are translated in the "doings". Example: Integrity : difficult to understand but "do not claim/produce a bill for which you did not spend money" could be a Doing definition.
  • How does the performance plays a role in people evaluation.  Understand your role, responsibilities, deliverable's and clarify the measures for outcomes(In writing preferably).
  • How does the teams come together and work for a common goal or uncommon goals.
  • What are the team dynamics and where you should not be getting into..
  • What is the top management style and how does it reflect in the working environment in the organisation
  • Look for past history in each of the above and how they are treated
  • In short - get yourself Inducted  (Of-course, HR folks : this is what you may want to consider helping to manage the environment for your first time job holders. Induction!!!!)
Living: is "Visualizing where are you contributing and delivering..  You can do it in many ways, some of them are listed below: 
  • Make your own time sheet - record what you have done on a daily basis - record hourly for more clarity
  • Measure your Output with the expected performance and clarify with the team manager (don't sound like buttering him/her while doing so). 
  • Be with the team whenever possible and wherever the occasions are there (Never, be away from the team preferably )
  • Be Focused and Be firm on what you wanted to do.. without sounding "Arrogant" (This is very important balance that you have to strike). 
  • Have a mentor on Job whom you can share and express yourself. 
  • and so on....
I do hope these brief inputs would help in building little clarity on "Your First Job"...  

Happy  New Life ahead....

About Husys:

Husys - HR Function Management Company ( ) is striving to build HR Department for Start-up, Small and Medium businesses since 2002. Husys strive to help in managing to stream line the change that organizations go through during their growth phase. Husys addresses the key Human related issues to support organizational Growth. We integrate the Hiring, Inducting, Performance Measurement, Policies, Employee Bonding and Development. Reach for any support in HR Services / HR Outsourcing / HR Function Management / Customized HR Outsourcing in India.

We truly live our Vision: "Synergizing Human Potential for Business & Society".

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Manage your References for Advantage

If you have done Interview well and you want your reference also to go perfect... Here are some of the key things you may want to consider before letting your future employer know references.

First thing to bear in mind in giving a reference is :"Think the company is going to interview your reference the way they want to hire you". Since the reference is not a conversation but an Interview of the Reference... Hence,

1st Important - Reference should have complete understanding of the Job Role & critical attributes of the Position in the organisation - ( This is to help the context in which the other person would take reference):

Generally the companies take the personal reference would be the previous boss or worked with them... When the Hiring person calls the reference they make notes on the type of job, complexities and the attributes that they would be looking at... also they make a preparation of what kind of questions to ask and assess the responses (in a detailed "Reference Interview" ). There are chances that if the person giving reference doesn't know these inputs chances that he may give information which may be perceivable change in the opinion of the Hiring Person. Hence, its important that the person giving reference should be aware of the details to respond which would not be perceived other than the purpose of reference (The decision is mostly on the perception of the interviewer from Hiring company at the end of a conversation... which is typically on phone many a times).

2nd Important - Reference should be made aware of the Cultural Understanding of the Organisation where you are seeking job: (This is to help the person to understand how they could perceive the feedback given to them)

Making the Reference aware of the cultural indication would help them to relate the various questions/situations during the reference call. They reference is well prepared to build his/her conversation to suit to the requirement. (After all we give reference for positive outcome). This is important as certain behaviours and attributes are good in some environement and may not be true in other environment. eg: Do you ever bribe to get things done... ( may be right in one environment... may be extremely negative in other company)

3rd Important - Keep the reference informed about the call. Also try and seek specific timinings he/she could receive calls for ease of communication.

Hope these inputs helps.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Freshers Plan now to be Avoided by Corporates Later

All the fresh Graduates at this point of time to focus on getting hired. This is important because :

- All the corporate plans for budgets for 2011 would be completed
- Next 3 months of manpower requirements would be approved
- HR Planning for training & development for new talent would start immediately

- Ofcourse, the US based organisations are through with all the above tasks already as their year starts from Jan 2011.

Key Skills Required Currently :

- Appreciation of Business in current environment
- Challenges of Team work with the multi-regional teams at organisations
- Managing Time against the Unexpected Odds in external environment / Family - Social System
- Focusing on Learning, Learning & Learning (Any other expectations from Corporates may not give desired results)



Monday, January 31, 2011

Off Campus Recruitment for HR by Husys

Husys Conducting Off-Campus REcruitment Drive @ Nagpur and Hyderabad for

- Fresh MBA Graduates passing-out in 2011
- MBA - HR Specialization with experience of upto 1 year
- BBA, MHRM, MPM and other related specialisations
- Graduates Interested in HR with any experience

The Following are the details :

31st January 2011 : Nagpur - Ambedkar Institute of management & Research, Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur - STarting at 9 am.

5th February 2011 ( Saturday)
Registration : 9 am - 9:30am
Venue : Aurora College, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad

Link published at Eenadu-largest telugu news paper about Off Campus is attached for reference :


Monday, July 26, 2010

Management Education: Look for Differentiators in Choosing your College

The Telugu Version of this article @ Eenadu :

Management Education
Look for Differentiators to make difference to your career

As on today we have many MBA colleges across AP and in India. While we compete in the Population we do also compete in generating number of MBA/PGDBM courses across the State/India. The key differentiator for any body to take-up an MBA program would be after their work experience.

Ingredients of Choosing a Business School:

Today every college has built what is called “can be built…and no differentiator”…. but the differentiator in your success is purely the application of their knowledge to practice your career. Check for that USP(Unique Selling Proposition) which would become your USP for a great CAREER. We shall discuss about the various Ingredients that one should check before opting for a Management Institute:


The students should be aware of the differences in various programs/degrees offered by Institutes in outside world. Corporate would only look for the value that they bring to the organisation in improving their business. Lets review some of the types of Affiliations from Students perspective and how they are useful.

University Affiliation: All the courses, which are built, based on University framework would have been well thought out and designed by academicians… These are the programs, which are useful for your career progression in terms of number of years of study as your progress. These programs have strict norms to be followed for delivering the framework provided by the university they are affiliated. Student would go through an almost a similar sort of exposure in such institutes.

AICTE Approved & Independent: On the other hand the PGDM courses which are approved by the AICTE as an independent body would have the ingredients of best school provided the investment is done in right direction to create a differentiation. All the IIM’s Offer PGDBM/PGP programs are government institutes having the autonomy with recognition for various higher studies. You would find a lot of flexibility in conducting an AICTE approved course and changes from college to college.

Not under The above framework: On the other hand ISB to start of is not affiliated Institute like above but the top 10 Management Schools in the world.. . not a small achievement.... however, their association and the expertise levels are far superior to any other business school in India. These are institutes, which are made for people who do not need any affiliation, as they would have achieved certain level in the organisations. The average experience of 7 years would make them only look for the best of the brains to interact and stimulate them intellectually to apply their knowledge. That is what an not affiliated in the academic framework should give to the students which the students would have gone through at least 5 years of best of their corporate life. There are many Institutes in India who are not affiliated to any University or AICTE/Govt approved like IIM’s… fresher’s with just graduation should avoid to make sure that you are better off without it.

The following key points are highlighted along with the differentiated factor for each of you to evaluate in the light of creating a great career. You may want to choose the order based on your opinion and advise from learned/knowledge sources would help you to define your future. Check for each of the following key factors for your decision making on an institute:

Key 1 : Student (You) :

The Change comes from with you and within…… The key for success of any individual is to get the RETURN on INVESTMENT in your Management Education. This is not purely because of the money that you invested, its purely how sincerely and dedicated invested your TIME too. Assessing one own self and inculcate the habits of

Differentiator: Management education is all about application, its only possible for students who constantly put in their untiring efforts in practicing the principles of management as they breath in and Breath Out. The key ingredient, which would, helps to look for the diverse backgrounds of the Students intake.

Key 2: Institutional Promoters & Credentials:

Most important for any management school is the ability and attitude of the management to invest in the Student. Not necessarily in Infrastructure but in your overall development making you a business-oriented person and taking you close to the reality of the business.


The diversity and the credentials of promoters/In charge in various Businesses would help your gain that advantage as natural as your breathing. The promoters and head of institute who can stimulate a thinking process to help the ground up of any business.

Key 3: Faculty :

Important Ingredient, which makes all the difference of making you, enrich with what you gain. All the institutes would follow certain norms in terms of recruitment of faculty under the guidelines of govt./affiliating body. The profile and experience of faculty is of great importance in grooming you. The larger the experience in Academic and Industry the better the expected outcomes for your investment of life’s precious time.


The more experienced with the industry the faculty, the best that you can get during your course. Industry experienced faculty make you Industry Ready product. The Diversity of the faculty from various Industries, Countries, cultures and Continents would add immense value.

Key 4 : Alumni:

The student alumni are the one who can speak volumes about the quality of Institute. The stronger the institute’s Alumni network the better you are aware of the situation outside your school. They would help you in teaching what would make a difference when you move out to build a career.

The Number of Alumni come back to college to give back makes a great difference. The more number of guest faculties from your alumni would create role models live. The active the Alumni network the better it is.

Key 5: Placements:

The business school should be in a position to build you as an independent Enterprenuer first and worker/job holder later…. The most and only thing generally looked by students and advertised by the Institutes is the PLACEMENTS. However the best never focus on Placement as selling point. However, Placement record is an other yardstick for you to choose the Institute.


The more entrepreneurs that the college generated with the help of Venture/Private equity companies, or created an environment of Financial support through mentoring the best brains in the Industry is the key differentiator. The more % age of people opt to be independent is the indication of business like grooming. However the %age of jobs offered could come in next.

Key 6 : Infrastructure :

Infrastructure is important to the extent it would help you to practice yourself. Just going by the rosy picture of great glass buildings, ultramodern presentation material, A/C rooms, Library, Laptop Free doesn’t just help unless they are all put to practice and build a sense of Humility. What industry is all about on the ground and zero level to start career… as you don’t serve the customers the way you are treated by the Infrastructure. Focus on an Infrastructure promotes sense of belongingness and pride in delivering a great career.


Business Like environment promoting customer interface. Is the college close proximity to the Industry? Can it attract the best of the Industry brains without hardship of long travels for vacations? The infrastructure to include provides facilities to spend more time to work on assignments and industry interface.

However it’s not just the Infrastructure at college that adds value, but also your own quest for learning more when you are out of the college. Your personal computer and Internet can do a lot for your development. Doesn’t mean that you need to have your own, but at least a pool with your good friends.

Key 7: Management Development Programs:

The internal capacity of the Institute to build and run management Development Programs for Industry would make a lot of difference. This shows the capability in action of the Faculty at the Institute.

The Faculty drawn from the Industry attracts best of the participants who would visit the Institute. The alumni of such programs are not only the word of mouth for the Institute but the hiring influencers for placement.

ABSOLUTE Differentiators:

Research & Publication Capability:

Management education is all about knowledge addition with application. The research helps in taking the essence of the business and summaries the finding for your knowledge addition. There are various institutes who have a separate wing for Research and lot of efforts/time/money is invested to bring about Publications. This would directly help the student to use the capability.

Industry Consulting Assignment:

This is a key differentiator directly… the more industry consulting assignments done by the Faculty the more your get back. They incubate the thoughts that are generated by the business and stimulate your thought process. You can enquire and learn more about the Industry Consulting to make sure that you are in safe hands.

Incubating Future Talent @ Campus:

There is lot of initiatives taken by Institutes currently to bring the Industry at the doorsteps to benefit the Students and ultimately help the Industry hands on. It is benefit to the industry to incubate their own talent.

Industry Back-Office @ Campus:

Think of Creating an ERP lab in association with an organisation at college and guided by an Industry expert from that Company. A sales back office to help in creating the market information and sales calls with appointment fixing would be a great value to an organisation. A HR back office which helps in creating Recruitment, Employee Relation back office created at Academic setup. Look for any infrastructure created with the help of Industry and affiliation.

Look for these initiatives by the Institute, which would create an environment of practice right under your seat.

Time allowed spending @ Industry:

Second most important thing an Institute could provide is to allow as much time as you can spend at the Industry. Look for the time allocated for the Industry oriented projects during your admission. The more beyond 50% of your time spent @ Industry would help you to gain from the practice.

Student to keep in mind always is “ If you have got a great rank or not to get into a college, All that matters from now on is your Focus and ability to extract the best out of your 2 years life invested”