Saturday, August 23, 2008

Future of IT Segment for Freshers and their First Jobs in India

Dear Friends,

You must be noticing that the change in the economic condition of US and all over the world is showing on the IT segment recruitments now a days. If you notice on any of the new cost cutting initiatives the following are adapted by large companies.

1- Stop the Recruitments (Unless emergency which may effect the revenue)
2- Training Initiatives are cutdown
3- Differ the recruitments of fresh graduates little later..
4- Look for freshers who can produce with least training investment by the companies

The current cost cutting would continue for some time to come... So all the graduates passingout and looking for opportunities to be aware of this phenomenon and plan accordingly.

Here are the few suggestions(not exhaustive) you may like to ponder to place yourself.

- Identify the other Industries growing and find the relevant position in such companies at the entry level
- Find the small and medium size organisation who have more domestic projects which may not get effected by the Economies around the world.
- Any new and innovative product development ( may be startup or small in size) who may want to start with a cost advantage (means low cost with high potential in people)
- Also try and work with companies which have a local presence and not big - the place where you can have a great exposure and someone is there to support you continusouly. Where your presence is more important for them.

Please do add your comments on how you would like to approch to this issue... Also read some of the inputs shared on this Blog of GR Reddy.

Thanks and All the Best.

Reddy GR
Husys - World only HR Function Outsourcing Company

Monday, August 11, 2008

Young Potential of India - Abhinav Bindra - Gold - Olympics 2008

Our heartfelt congratulations to Abhinav who proved the young Indian talent by getting the First Every Gold in Olympics 2008... A moment for every Indian to be proud with a hope for future GOLDS.
Congratulations again..
Team Husys

Friday, August 1, 2008

Learning the Simple things Required for a JOB

I am sure you would like to choose a JOB which can create a Career in Future!

The most essential thing required while in the campus is the learning experience that you would have got. Did you get to do some of the following or more!!!!

- Created a Model of Equipment
- Any experiments to replicate a larger business processes
- Learning models created for kids
- Created support system for your college itself
- I am sure you visited organisations/industrial tour - did you offer your services to them?
- Any part-time assignment
- Any full-time assignment during holidays / weekends

and you can list as many as you did... which would help you to project the simple interest in delivering.

So keep thinking... all the best..

Warm Regards,
Reddy GR
Husys - HR Function Management Company