Thursday, January 30, 2014

As HR Vs HR Enterprenuer

Dear Team

I started my First Professional journey at work in 1991 and the second phase of  life as an "HR Entrepreneur" since 2002. Overall Half of my life is spent for HR profession in India. I have been lucky to have got the best of People practices in best of the companies where I worked to gain a range of experience. Also an experience used now for my business as entrepreneur.

Today I decided to write my experiences of two worlds in this blog posting. I am sure the people who were on both sides of such experience agree/disagree on many points mentioned here. But definitely it can work for people who are on the job and willing to explore/experiment the entrepreneur route.

Here I go:

As HR Entrepreneur
Career Choice
·        Career is more related to earning money for the qualification acquired.
·        Growth in designation/ladder is more focused.
·        More influenced by social advice & personal circumstances.
·       Entrepreneurial outlook in a few cases. Tends towards entrepreneurial decision during mid career life.
·        Driven by passion and allows no social or personal influences can have a negative impact.
·        Seen as opportunity for utilization of skill and knowledge and creation of wealth as opposed to earning money.
·       May go against the family choice in many cases. Family outlook is towards a risk free life.
·        Constant opportunity exists for a sustainable career & personal growth (irrespective of business sector).
·        Spans length and breadth of area of specialization to build customer portfolio.
·        Studied for an understanding perspective. Information may be picked up from the line function in most cases.
·        Understood with intent focus on every competitor activity (as it may impact the enterprise).
Vision & Mission
·        Supports people to follow Vision & Mission.
·        Builds Vision & Mission
·        Inspires to follow
·        Competency Based.
·        Organizational Norms based.
·        More by gut feeling and foresight.
·        High risk takers.
Setting Targets
·        Dependent on tasks assigned.
·        Purely business outcome based
·        Expenses Focused
·        Initiatives are more KRA based with a ‘have to do’ kind of attitude to complete the performance parameter preparation.
·        Prepared hugely around internal / external economic situation.  
·        Purely business outcome based.

·        Building support for & among teams to identify and execute initiatives.
·        Looks to build long-term relations to improve business sustainability.
·        A function to deal with.
·        A function one can’t live without.
·        A function of business.
·        Business means marketing.
PR & Networking
·        Personal Choice focused.
·        Not linked to growth.
·        Business Lifeline
·        No PR/Networking = no growth.
·        Will continue as long as she has a pathway for future jobs/assignments.
·        Every activity focus: “What you sow is what you reap.”
·        Organisation’s growth never ends.
Office Relationships
·        Perceived Office Politics. 
·        Based on one’s perceived decision making ability.
Associates with
·        Self & Related Teams.
·        Nobody and/or Universal
*These are purely my views and sharing in good spirit. You are free to agree and disagree based on your experiences. Thank you.

Encourage you to write your experiences in this blog post.