Thursday, February 28, 2008

1st JOB a guide for Freshers in India

My experiences as a book ” 1st JOB ”

This is extremely useful for all the final year students to get their dream job with corporates. This is the first ever written by HR Manager to explain the situation on the otherside of the table for Candidates.

The birth of this book emerged from the experiences of my Corporate need to hire competent freshers. The basic focus of students, performance and their attitude towards career is blurred with too many influences and unprocessed information. Therefore, this book seeks to provide them what the real picture is at Companies to help them perform better with increased success ratio with all the information provided from the experience of hiring 100’s of freshers

Compact- Easy to carry and refer
Simple Language
Interesting Story Lines
Live Examples
Interlinked Exercises In Every Chapter
Hints tips and suggestions
Career Questions Along with Question Bank
Exclusive Cartoons to Visualize the Idea
Affordable and Attractive Price

For copies contact Chetana : 091-040-65195632

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