Friday, August 1, 2008

Learning the Simple things Required for a JOB

I am sure you would like to choose a JOB which can create a Career in Future!

The most essential thing required while in the campus is the learning experience that you would have got. Did you get to do some of the following or more!!!!

- Created a Model of Equipment
- Any experiments to replicate a larger business processes
- Learning models created for kids
- Created support system for your college itself
- I am sure you visited organisations/industrial tour - did you offer your services to them?
- Any part-time assignment
- Any full-time assignment during holidays / weekends

and you can list as many as you did... which would help you to project the simple interest in delivering.

So keep thinking... all the best..

Warm Regards,
Reddy GR
Husys - HR Function Management Company

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