Sunday, April 22, 2012

Managing "First Job"

This blog post would focus on how to manage the first job.  Here we would dicsuss about the preparation, execution in managing the first job.

"First day and First job" is always a memorable one and a great Change that one ever could go through till then. I am focusing on two facets of the First Job : Managing the Environment for yourself and Be Managed by the Environment in the new job.

Manage Environment: First Job ! Its always a great inflection point of change in anyone's life. It would help if one understand the differences between the previous life environment(Student) to the future environment(Professional)..

Understanding: One of the most important aspect of new job management is to know the difference between your earlier environment and what environment you would be getting into.  This can be achieved through : Taking help from your seniors, Your mentors in life, "Your Social Mentors - on Facebook etc., : I mean you post a question there are many to comment & offer support", Previous employees in the same organisation etc.,

Preparing: Based on the feedback and inputs from various sources, please do analyse the way the inputs are given and make sure you build clarity on what is that environment.  You don't need to assume the same way the others have commented/advised.  Because, remember "YOU ARE UNIQUE" anyway.. and your sample of comments doesn't represent the size of population.  

Living : List out the challenges that you may go through in the first job. That would help you to prepare mentally. The success and failure of your first job is in your "MIND". Build some of the do's and don'ts that you can follow. Improve that list constantly and review what is relevant and what is not relevant. 

Examples of Preparation(Indicative only... Of-course, these are 0.0001% of what you can do): 

  • Visit the Work location before joining
  • Meet some of the people in the work location - Reception, Security, Administrative team, Of-course HR, team manager etc.,
  • Try and attend any seminars / networking events where the company representatives may visit.  You may find the connectivity with the Top Management itself. 
  • Talking to people who worked earlier in that company and what their experience has been. 
  • Visiting the Blogs and social/professional networking locations where the presence of company
  • and the list goes on....

Find where you are: be managed 

Be Managed by Environment : Now the next best part you need to do is Managed by the Environment. Its like "Be a Roman when you are in Rome". It applies to your first Job as well. I can tell you that you feel-like RUN AWAY the first few days (As though after marriage you go to the SASURAL -In-laws the first day - remember this is nothing less than that...Ask a married women she can give you the feel what it means.... But this is manageable.. Be Brave!!!! )

Understanding : Your understanding of the environment when you are outside is one level.  Now that you are in - Its time to do some "KHOJ (Search)" again. Your half success (50%) would be based on your first level of appreciation of "Managing Environment". Now Here you need to  understand in depth about : 

  • Organisational Vision, Mission & near term objective they want to achieve (You need to know how you can play a role there)
  • The culture and the way it is interpreted would be of great help...
  • Teams and Team Dynamics : The Boss & subordinate Relationships. 
  • Support Teams and their role including : HR, Administration, Finance & Accounts etc.,
  • Check what's there on the Internal Communication system(Intranet, HRIS-web2.0,Notice boards etc.,). 
  • and so on....
Preparing: Now... the best is to prepare to live the way the environment is.. In other words "Be Managed by the Environment"... You have a feeling in the beginning that I can't change... If you have any intentions that way... prepare to leave now..."Don't waste your time and Organisation Time". But adapting to the environment which is not known to you would take time... Prepare yourself to brace the big change in your life.... Focus on one by one and understand the following: 
  • What are the organisational norms and how they are interpreted and understood by people around and essentially how they are translated in the "doings". Example: Integrity : difficult to understand but "do not claim/produce a bill for which you did not spend money" could be a Doing definition.
  • How does the performance plays a role in people evaluation.  Understand your role, responsibilities, deliverable's and clarify the measures for outcomes(In writing preferably).
  • How does the teams come together and work for a common goal or uncommon goals.
  • What are the team dynamics and where you should not be getting into..
  • What is the top management style and how does it reflect in the working environment in the organisation
  • Look for past history in each of the above and how they are treated
  • In short - get yourself Inducted  (Of-course, HR folks : this is what you may want to consider helping to manage the environment for your first time job holders. Induction!!!!)
Living: is "Visualizing where are you contributing and delivering..  You can do it in many ways, some of them are listed below: 
  • Make your own time sheet - record what you have done on a daily basis - record hourly for more clarity
  • Measure your Output with the expected performance and clarify with the team manager (don't sound like buttering him/her while doing so). 
  • Be with the team whenever possible and wherever the occasions are there (Never, be away from the team preferably )
  • Be Focused and Be firm on what you wanted to do.. without sounding "Arrogant" (This is very important balance that you have to strike). 
  • Have a mentor on Job whom you can share and express yourself. 
  • and so on....
I do hope these brief inputs would help in building little clarity on "Your First Job"...  

Happy  New Life ahead....

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