Thursday, December 1, 2011

Manage your References for Advantage

If you have done Interview well and you want your reference also to go perfect... Here are some of the key things you may want to consider before letting your future employer know references.

First thing to bear in mind in giving a reference is :"Think the company is going to interview your reference the way they want to hire you". Since the reference is not a conversation but an Interview of the Reference... Hence,

1st Important - Reference should have complete understanding of the Job Role & critical attributes of the Position in the organisation - ( This is to help the context in which the other person would take reference):

Generally the companies take the personal reference would be the previous boss or worked with them... When the Hiring person calls the reference they make notes on the type of job, complexities and the attributes that they would be looking at... also they make a preparation of what kind of questions to ask and assess the responses (in a detailed "Reference Interview" ). There are chances that if the person giving reference doesn't know these inputs chances that he may give information which may be perceivable change in the opinion of the Hiring Person. Hence, its important that the person giving reference should be aware of the details to respond which would not be perceived other than the purpose of reference (The decision is mostly on the perception of the interviewer from Hiring company at the end of a conversation... which is typically on phone many a times).

2nd Important - Reference should be made aware of the Cultural Understanding of the Organisation where you are seeking job: (This is to help the person to understand how they could perceive the feedback given to them)

Making the Reference aware of the cultural indication would help them to relate the various questions/situations during the reference call. They reference is well prepared to build his/her conversation to suit to the requirement. (After all we give reference for positive outcome). This is important as certain behaviours and attributes are good in some environement and may not be true in other environment. eg: Do you ever bribe to get things done... ( may be right in one environment... may be extremely negative in other company)

3rd Important - Keep the reference informed about the call. Also try and seek specific timinings he/she could receive calls for ease of communication.

Hope these inputs helps.

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Manoj Vyas said...

interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks.

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