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Career Aspirations in 2009 by Sudhakar - Director Operations - Husys

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Career Preparation for JOB in 2009

Economic recession, Global meltdown of Jobs in the Global Market, ofcourse leaves a thought in mind on how to get a job during this year. Its time to understand more deep about the market realities and realize our opportunities and threatens than just be in the old laurels of our brother and sisters who have succeeded and would like to travel in the same path. Its good to follow however important to customize the thoughts to be successful during the year 2009.

Emotional preparation

• Create a confidence to represent and drive yourself than others drive you with the ideas.
• Identify your unique strength (everybody in this world would have) as quality to be tough during hard times.
• Seek information but should have discretional ability to justify to your unique strength.
• Ready to be strong during all delayed communication and failure during and after the interview.
• Magnify your Listen skills to the Opportunity / Opportunities and filter your listen to the market of Jobs Lost/ Pink Slips internationally and even in domestic market.

Societal Realities

• Educate your family member especially the parents about the present industry situation and job market to ensure they are not in the world of hipe for you.
• Realize that 80% of the companies don’t have brand image to satisfy you social system where your job market is.
• Job opportunities need to be explored constantly through all sources. Now companies stopped investing on the Paper ads & Postings like previous, You would known through Social networking
• Never go along with sympathy / Pitiness against you which would kill your confidence level for your preparation in the Job Market.

Professional Focus

• Understand the Business of various Companies and your generalist role in each of the organization.
• Have a clear cut thought on why you have chosen your academic and scope of your qualification.
• Be clear, How are you going to contribute to the company, working for 8- 10 hours is not your contribution.
• Do a paper work on mapping you role in each of the organization along with related behavioural skills required.
• Bring maturity to your thoughts in expressing right in simple during the interviews understanding the domain Industry.
• Introspect yourself where you stand in the highly volatile, dynamic Business and Job market with sample question like
o Why Company X should give me a Job
o What is that I have gained since I have born?
o How well I am able to express myself about my creative thinking
o Is my thinking Conventional/ contemporary to the Business and Market changes
• Be ready to work for Risk-Reward style (Create a benefit to the Organsation and Seek for Self benefit.
• Its important to have a fairly good understanding of various functional skill to be jack of all trades to gain quick result for your academic and skills.

Personalised Focus for career

• Understand various kind/ types of jobs available in the market for your Study.
• Realise your competencies, practice on it
• Need to come out of the false prestige regarding Job expectations relating to your role and Pay.
• Express your thoughts clearly with good communication
• Prepare your profile simple covering all your competencies that you can Justify and never use Jargon, or spelling mistakes in the resume
• Optimistic approach to contribute to organization and be clear that your working in the organization is not a favour to the employer.
• Each Business Man hour is important for the organization to contribute, hence obligation to keep yourself fit and healthy.
• Its self responsibility for searching the sources of opportunities for Job availability and be connected to people and companies for your Job.

Employer would stretch from their end and would support in getting you a job in a win- win situation.

Career Aspirants Wish you all a great success during the year 2009

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