Sunday, January 11, 2009

Current Challenges for Students by Sudhakar Kumar - Director - Operations - Husys

An Opportunity to learn more and get Employed meeting the Challenges

While being studious in your academics its now a serious thought time for all the job aspirants to understand the external market conditions and you can contribute to the Business market with your skills in the critical scenario of Global Business Slow down.

Trust all of you are aware that every year not less than a Lakh of Engineers, Half a Lakh of Management Graduates from each City across India getting into the market for employment and claim no Employment Opportunities. How does organization provide employment and to whom they would like to provide an opportunity during their survival of existence is at stake. Its time that uniqueness is created by you in the knowledge, approach and maturity to present self

As a Job seeker there are few facts that you must realize to gain opportunity during these challenging situation.

Facts to Realise:

Maximization at Less Cost - It is important for the Business man to protect and survive in their Business during unfavourable market Condition and their focus would be bring productivity with the existing resources or at a less cost in all possible ways.

Employment is to generate a value for Business: Gone are the days that because you are employed You are will be fixed a salary bracket and keep paying and provide increments year after year and incentive for each of the additional contributions to the company. Now it is time to address what value an Individual bring to the business both in terms of the Monetary & Non Monetary ways for Company to look at Investing on the people called asserts where the value should increase day after the day. Are you the One in those who provide difference to the company for increasing the business value and so your value.

Pay for Survival, luxury pay for timely High Performance and not for hard workers: Of course it looks strange but its fact that Businessman are not only focusing for sincere, loyal worker to work but also the speed and smartness to deliver to capture the opportunity understanding the Business. Those are paid better as long as the resource perform at improvise contribution every time.

High acceptability when your wave length match with the Business thinking and linking/ Interpreting to your functional Skills and deliver with expertise: This challenge is normally at the mid level manages However company trying to reduce the fat at the TOP and Mid Level and build teams at the entry level to balance the delivery challenges of execution and its an opportunity for the fresher to gain but when you can start thinking about the company business.

Come into the Reality and keep your shoes in the Present Business Situation- Come out of Social influence of brand image for your Job to showoff to your friends, it is important to be adaptable every odd work that come on your way along with your actual responsibility. Never expect someone would come and push/ train you to delivery better or blame your manager for not able to spend time for grooming you to deliver your task. Its important to take a foot forward to stretch all your body, mind and soul to support your manager for giving the best out put.

Time for defining career goals steps with clarity as the cost of mistake is too high compared to the previous Job market and thousands of people are behind you to take the Opportunity. Hence is important that you need to be clear enough of your career goal, steps of achievement, Yours key strength and then your ability to express and project all these with a right spirit and maturity as a prospective individual.

Your role of Translating Challenges to Opportunity

Social Networking for Optimizing the Opportunities and know the pockets of Opportunities which you would get the routes through continuous interaction with your senior, e mails, Electronic Technical/ Functional groups etc.

Your academic and scope of your academics in the Industry with strong fundamental knowledge

Eg- R & D (Microbiologist): Scope of few career Options for Bacteriologist, Immunologist, Cell Biologists, Environmental Scientists, Geneticists, Immunologists, Mycologist and Technical marketing etc.

Human Resources – Recruiter, Employee Relations Manager, generalist HR, C & B Specialist, Training Specialist, etc,

Marketing & Sales - Sales, Market Research & Analysis, Marketing, Online Marketing etc

And it is important to customize these theoretical skills to be interpreted for Business Development with required behavioural and Technical/ functional skills. And most important as a Professional it is important to be a jack of all trades with decent expertise in delivering with Multi functional and Technical Knowledge.

Supporting in the Big Challenges and support in neutralizing

• Speaking Business and your role importance.
• Confident representation of self as ready product to use.
• Value of low investment high returns resource

Build Maturity to your actions professionally to represent that you understand the challenge of Business to a extend with good understand of the market impact in that particular Vertical Business domain from a studious behaviour.

High time to come out of the box thinking and In Boundary delivery as a single function specialist during the early stage of career to play multi tasking role from the day initial stage with little orientation by the company.

All these skills along with an optimistic approach to contribute to organization would make you more employable quickly and sure would not impact you by any kind of tough scenario of Business and Economic slow down and beyond all your sustainability in the industry would be much high.

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