Monday, August 31, 2009

Get Your First Opportunity in these times

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Get Your First Opportunity

Careers are changing dynamically... With the changing attitude and the ambitions of our young generation it may be difficult to say " I am from XYZ stream in my graduation and I would like to go in this field only". It may be right to start, but makes it difficult after some time with changing dynamics of Information received from various sources by the Aspirant.

Most of the Graduates would like to be in a Management function in the future and its important that you should pickup any job after your graduation. You need to understand one thing that by actually working on some of the assignments... you are making yourself acquented to the organisational environment, understand the dynamics of organisational culture, understand working with teams, understand your manager, understand the business cycle and ofcourse understand yourself to explore further.

This experiential information would help you build confidence and test yourself in the organisation. After a typical 2-3 years of exposure to the organisation move on to do your MBA (I would still say that by that time if you feel you need to have an MBA degree)....That would always be the best....

Go ahead and pick the right first opportunity (ofcourse evaluate briefly) and keep moving... one piece of advise... please stick and do it for atleast 1 year to gather some mass of understanding.


If you have any inclination to be on your own... pickup any assignment from companies as freelancer or on franchise like exposure to kick start your work... I shall write more on this in later stories...

All the Best and beat the recession with a quick start... or else your juniors would be in race....

All the best,
Reddy GR
GR works with Husys Consulting - HR Function Management company with global headquarters in Hyderabad,India.

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