Saturday, September 19, 2009

We help you in your First Job - Apply

Dear Friends,

As part of our support to the young and budding professionals we are initiating this Career Mission Program. Some of the Details are as below, please use this opportunity to be a winner. Please note this is our social service effort and in support of young India.

Program : Career Mission
Location : Original City
Cost : No Cost - Its Free
How do we help : We help you in the following steps :
1 - You Register with our Team
2 - We shall invite you for a Test/GD/Personal Interview
3 - We rate each of the applicant
4 - We connect to the Industry who require a specific requirement
5 - Send the Data relevant for Companies
6 - Companies based on the requirement call for Selection based on the data submitted by us
7 - Offered by Companies if selected
8 - If you get an opportunity, you should be helping the others in our database.
9 - If you are not successful in the above process we continue to send the data to many companies...also we continue to guide based on your interest

* As a college you can nominate yourself - We shall do the screening for your at once and add in our database for organisations...

Apply :
or alternatively Submit your data (this is easier for us to invite):

Wish you a great time....

Warm Regards,
Reddy GR - Husys

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very Good Program!!, i request you(users) all to spread this word to your friends!!
so, that we can make ths success!

this is purely Social Activity

With Regards,
Bharath Daripally