Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Job or Education (29.3.10) Eenadu Career Q&A by GR Reddy

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Many Parents live in the past like how they did pursue their careers. Gone are the days where we would do all the studies and then look for a job. It’s important to have work experience during or after graduation. To sustain and build a career in this environment where there is immense competition with high intellectuals and generation Y. Practical experience is what counts for climbing organizational hierarchies than just a qualification. Add the flavor of organizational experience to your studies then you shine.

1. My son completed B.Tech. (CSE) and got selected by Infosys through placements. He got 13900 Rank in GATE. We are in confusion to make a decision on choosing M.Tech. and Job? pls suggest?
- Suresh Babu Pulluru

Dear Suresh Garu,
I appreciate your initiative to seek help for your son… Its very common that our parents want us to study till PG (which is old school of thought)… Today’s world is competitive you never know what would be a corporate scenario in future. There should not be any confusion in your decision. In current times Getting on the job and understanding organizations are priority and gives wider scope of thinking to your son… After 2 years of experience he would be in a position to take better option of doing further studies, which may be totally different than what you are thinking at this point of time(MBA or other Specializations) which are good for career progression. That’s good for him to choose which he feels good for him based on the knowledge and exposure that he would get by then. I wish him all the best for his journey into corporate.

2. I am doing my MBA (Marketing) final year. I want to do a project now. Which Topics / sectors / areas are good for Marketing students for projects?
- K. Johnson, Hyderabad

Dear Johnson,
Your exploratory nature of this question would help you go long way… Projects are part of your study to get to the actual business scenario and experience and experiment yourself. The projects you choose should be emerging out of your work exposure. Look for companies who are looking at some of the work delivery and you can convert that into a project title. Service based organizations would give you much more challenging opportunities to learn. Your title of the project should be unique and not one part of the crowd where bundles of projects done every year similarly by students in the universities. Customer interfacing projects would give you lot of learning than sitting back office or on Internet. Please focus on SME organizations that would not restrict you for project scope. Many large organizations would not have a policy due to the efforts that they have to invest in fresh talent… You can reach this Career Clinic’s Free helpline: 9603016222 for any advise on projects support(subba rao garu this is our CSR support for students, if you wish to publish this part).

3. I completed my B.Com in 2009 and pursuing M.Com. I am interested in accounting and finance fields and like to work in india or abroad. I am planning to do ICWA, but doesn't know how it helps my career? Whats the best step now to plan my career and which course should I take up? What are the career skills required?
- Moksha Mangalagiri

Dear Moksha,
Your investment further should be in Accounting & Finance experience would help you decide and take right decision. You need to look for an opportunity to work in an organisation even if its part-time. Adding degrees would not give you opportunity if you want to work domestic/abroad. Experience always comes first after a base graduation. Alternatively focus on ICWA would help you while working in Accounting practice – This needs a great dedication in studies and the rigor of ICWA along with practical knowledge. The skills of Communication, Interpersonal skills, team working kind of skills are developed only by work experience.

4. I have completed MHRM and at present working as HR executive in a reputed organization. I like to continue my studies further. I want to do Psychoogy Course through correspondence. Does it support my further career? OR pls suggest any HR supported courses.
- Krishnam Raju, Vizag

Appreciate for your enthusiasm to build your knowledge while working.. A course in psychology would give you inputs for better handling of situations in HR work. This may not directly add value but it would help you in improving your ability to adapt to new situations by understanding them better, this also helps in improving your employee counseling capabilities. The other courses you can look at Diploma in Training & Development from Indian society for training and development (ISTD). You can try some of the online courses offered by reputed institutions which have interactive model in teaching. Wish you a great learning time ahead.

5. I did my Intermediate with MPC and B.A. in Graduation. I am going to appear for ICET. What course is suitable for me between MBA and MCA? Which is the best among these?
- SK. Anwar Basha, Macherla

Dear Anwar,
As always any MBA without experience of 1-2 years may not help you much. You can appear for the ICET and may opt for a distance education/part-time MBA mode while start working in any organisation right away. Investing in MCA for 3 years may not be a right choice at this point of time and the situation of business outside. You should get into an organisation to get work experience and which helps you to take right decisions in career ahead.


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