Monday, March 15, 2010

Q&A about Accounting, MBA, Technology & Teaching

EEnadu Telugu News Paper ( Q&A by GR Reddy - Husys )

1. I did B.Tech and working as programmer. I am doing mba from OU in
distance mode. I am also planning to do M.Tech in distance only. I
want to settle in teaching career. What specializations in MBA are
useful for me?- Karthik
Teaching profession is going to be the best careers in the future with
new reforms happening in India. You need to know few things in
teaching arena… To have a great progression in the Teaching with your
Engineering or any subject, it is essential to complete your Ph.D over
a period of time to be able to growup in teaching career… IF
financially you are comfortable you should be able to do M.Tech
full-time after atleast 1-2 years of experience… Then move into
teaching while Ph.D can be continued with your teaching career. MBA HR
is most close to your teaching field, but I doubt how a distance
education mode would help you in that… Plan your career as per above
inputs and clarify with some matured mentors in the field (Education /
Technology & Engineering).

2. I have 3 years of exp in software field. I am interested to do
executive mba in pune. I wnat to know good collges for that. I prefer
collges that provide classes at evening time or week ends. i want to
know the collges other than symboisis college. because symboisis
require 5 years experience. - Raffee V.
You did not mention your current location. If you are in Pune and
continuing your job you can look at Pune University course for
Executive MBA which is part-time.. you can get more details on Apart from that there are other institutes who would
need 3+ years of experience in Pune. If you are in Hyderabad, You may
also wants to check with Hyderabad based institutes offering these
like Vignan Jyothi Institute of Management and IPE for more options
on evening classes and weekend.

3. I got 67.39 percentile in recent CAT 2009. Which is the best
B-school I can apply for? Suggest me colleges and stream I can apply
for? I am doing B.Tech in Information Technology. So I want to know
about the courses which I should prefer? - Avinash U.
As always I would advise to have work experience before you attempt to
do your MBA program. You need to understand the MBA programs(PGDM’s
also) and the specializations offered in terms of Traditional HR,
Marketing, Finance & Production and latest Retail, banking,
infrastructure etc., Find the course which suits to your personality
and interest.
If you still want to go ahead follow these steps: Take out the top
list of B-Schools in Hyderabad and try and approach them and Identify
the following: 1. Courses offered 2. Details of Course content 3.
Faculty (with experience) 4. Infrastructure 5. Focus on Practical
Approach 6. Placement History.

4. I am a 40 year old guy. Right now working in MS.Net platform. I
want to do ICWA. Is it going to useful my career? Can you please
suggest my direction is right or wrong?
- G.S. Vasu
You are talking about two diverse fields at an age where you would
have mastered in one field and really in a position to influence
organizations. However without much of details about your background
education and experience it is very difficult to comment. If you are
commerce graduate with lot of work experience in accounting side and
moved to technology it may be of help… otherwise please review your
long-term plans quickly and see how ICWA would help you.. You can
approach any person who is in Accounting and Costing who can help you
understand the way forward.

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